Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday August 12th

This week has been windows, new roof and the ice maker  flooded the freezer!  Had to get a repairman out here to see about it.  He is one of my former students!  Talk about feeling old!!!!

My sister and I do agree on how just seeing, gathering, planning, washing and yes even ironing the fabric can be so satisfying.  I tend to want to add another adjective....sometimes frustrating it can be because I can not get to that desired project.  Then I just want to put everything out of sight. Sigh.  She says that I will get to it at some point but I want to do it now....really yesterday would be even better.  Oh, well...gotta go check on the potty training.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Color Palettes from a Quilter's Fabric Stash

From Quilt Designers Yahoo Group

I'm LaDonna and I Love Fabric!

I love fabric! I love seeing it, touching it, smelling it, gathering it, making plans for it, washing it, and even ironing it, (I know that’s weird, but there is something very satisfying about smoothing out the wrinkles)! What is it about fabric that just gets to me?! There are so many beautiful colors, textures, designs that it can be overwhelming! But when you come across the ones that speak to you, that immediately get your mind racing with ideas, it’s almost like a drug-induced high, …it’s almost like a runner’s high, sigh,… well, you get the idea! There is so much potential in a piece of fabric and that is very exciting to me. Just think of the possibilities! When you start pulling other fabrics to go with it, keeping some, sadly rejecting others, the excitement builds! And when the perfect design comes into play, giddiness ensues! I love fabric!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dippin' Our Toes!

So I called my sister one day and said, "We should start a blog."  BIG pause, then "What?" (are you crazy, here she goes again... all in that one word!) Well, why not?  We talk a lot, share a lot, have learned a lot, why not take it to the next level?  "It will be fun!" I said.  "Come on, we can do it!"  So here we go, dippin' our prettily painted toes in the cyber waters of the blogging world. 

We are both quilters with a long history of sewing, cross-stitching, smocking, quilting, and general arts and crafts between us.  This will be a place to share our quilty pleasures mixed with some family stories, our online journal to share among family and friends. You'll see posts from us as individuals and together as we jointly brave this blogging world! 

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