Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sweet tooth

Several days ago, my sweet tooth was acting up.  I wanted something fruity like a pie.  Well, I checked my pantry and the only thing I had available was canned pears (my grandson eats the peaches).  I got out an "old family recipe" that had come down from our great grandmother and great aunt and thought I'd give it a try.  I had never used pears before as a pie/cobbler so I "experimented."  It was wonderful!...especially the aroma and that first taste hot out of the oven. 

Easy Cobbler

Melt 1 stick of butter in a casserole dish in the oven while the oven is preheating.
Heat 1 quart of fruit. (I used 3 cans of pears packed in juice. I added a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg while it was heating.)
In a bowl, mix one cup of sugar with one cup of self-rising (very important) flour.  Add 3/4 cup of milk and stir well.
Take casserole out of oven when the stick of butter is melted.  Pour sugar/flour/milk mixture on top of melted butter. DO NOT stir.  Pour heated fruit on top of sugar/flour/milk mixture. Again, DO NOT stir.

Cook in oven at 350 degrees for about  40 minutes until top is nicely browned.  Enjoy!

This works with fresh fruit just as well...just add a bit of water to the fruit while it is heating.  You can also add sugar to the fruit if it is a bit too tart for you.

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