Friday, November 26, 2010

the day after....

Talked to the family yesterday and last night.  Thankfully everyone was doing okay.  My  mom said that she and Dad were doing okay.  My son said that he and his wife were STUFFED!    He said that they had had to turn on the heat since it had turned 'cold'...they were having some hot chocolate! One very important blessing this Thanksgiving is  that my grandson was able to come home from the hospital Thanksgiving morning!  He suddenly developed croup!!  I have some experience with a variety of illnesses but NOT croup!!  I had always heard that it was scary and it was!  We took him to the doctor on Wednesday morning and by 3pm he was in the hospital having all manner of tests and treatments.  By last night he was almost back to normal. (yes he was climbing again!) with just a slight cough.  Today we are all exhausted. 

As I was talking to my sister yesterday, I was telling her about our yucky rainy weather that was supposed to turn into a winter mix ( and it did....the deck had white on it and the roofline is dripping this morning), she told me that she wouldn't tell me how nice it was there.  Let me guess...shorts, t-shirts, air conditioning! 

Nearly everytime I talk to LaDonna, my husband says.."What do you have to talk about? JUST talked to her!"  I  tell him that he just doesn't "get" it.  My sister and I have always been close.  She was MY baby when she was born.  I even remember jumping up and down in our grandparents'  living room when GrandDaddy came home and told me that I had a baby sister.  Some people do not have a relationship with their siblings.  My husband doesn't.  I consider myself very fortunate that I am blessed with such a sister and our  relationship .  Even though we are separated by miles, I know that she is always there.  and I love her very much.

Well I guess I'd better go check the laundry...I do have a few things to do today.  My husband asked me this morning before he went to work what my plans were....I don't plan much anymore...I get done what I can.  Though it would be nice if I was able to get in my sewing room for more that 5 minutes!


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  1. Awwwww! I love you too, Di! We are so thankful baby boy is doing better, an answer to prayer! And I can't brag too much...I had to wear a hoodie today on the doggie walk! The front came through last night with very strong winds and the temp dropped dramatically. Though it's still sunshiny and supposed to get to 60 degrees!


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