Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Excuses, excuses!

My sweet niece-in-law has told me I need to update the blog!  She's right.  But, but .... I've been busy!  I've been quilting!  I've been shopping!  I"ve been planning more quilts!  I've become addicted to the cheesy holiday movies on Hallmark!  I think about adding more pictures of my quilts to the blog and then I get distracted by all the TSA stories, the bring-a-tear-to-your-eye of the wonderful homecoming soldier stories, the researching of possible places after my husband's military retirement, the funny forwards, the list goes on and on!  Do I have a focus problem?!  Anyway, consider my wrists slapped, dear niece! 

On to posting and another excuse!  Other blogs I'm following have posted a pledge to show the steps they take in making a quilt.  Follow the progress, not just the finished quilt.  I'm all for that.  Unfortunately, everything I'm working on is meant to be gifts, surprises.  And I didn't think to take pictures along the way.  I need to change my mindset now that I have a blog!  I'll do better in the future! 

My local quilt shop, which I love, love, love is having a SALE! (A wonderful excuse, can't you hear it?!) Now, I work there on an as needed basis, just enough to maintain my employee discount!  But this sale was even better!  Lots of bolts at only $2.50 a yard!  Normally $8 to $10 a yard!  So, even though I don't need more fabric, I bought some.  To be fair, I will need it later on!  It takes a lot of yardage for the back of a quilt so I couldn't pass this up!  I bought Christmas backing so when I get enough Christmas blocks made I will already have the backing and binding.  I bought some fabric that I think will be great for a backing for my grandmother's dress scraps someday quilt.  I bought some other odds and ends fabrics because there was an additional discount if you bought all that was on the bolt! 

I could have bought more except for the.. well, umm... money thing and the my-stash-is-going-to-outlive-me-and-scares-the-movers-thing.  But with the price of cotton going higher and higher, my stash could be quite the investment!  At least that's what I tell my husband!  

After all this, now I have a great excuse for still being in my sweaty dog walking clothes when my husband comes home for lunch.  It's all my niece's fault! 


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