Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Update blog!!????

My dear sweet favorite daughter-in-law, I too have been ...uh...uh....busy.  However, for not nearly the enjoyable happenings of  my sister.  I have been trying to catch up on the laundry...the washer has been fixed.  The repairman had to put in a new motor, new brake and new clutch. I didn't even realize that a washer HAD a brake and clutch!  Anyway it has been going strong.

And this past weekend was supposed to be a time for Husband and me to get away and finish up Christmas shopping.  Well, what do they say about the best laid plans????  Daughter developed pneumonia with high fever (and had lots of stuff to do for school), granddaughter had sinus infection with low grade fever, grandson had sinus and ear infection with a not-so-low fever. I got to be nurse and babysitter while Daughter attempted school stuff.  It was not the weekend that was planned.  A few things did end up getting accomplished. However on  Monday everyone went back to the doctor...changed medicines and had to get xrays which meant a trip to the hospital.  Granddaughter is better; daughter is somewhat better; grandson ( still running a temp) is still in the wait and see mode. And it looks like it will be just us for Thanksgiving...between being sick here, and Mom and Dad not doing too well, they won't be coming so some of the items bought this weekend will get to wait until Christmas.

So all of the fun enjoyable "stuff" is going to have to wait even though my sewing/quilting room is pleading for me to come visit!


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