Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day

Honor, respect, courage, bravery, strength, duty, responsibility, tradition--these are just a few words I think of on Veterans Day.  I'm so glad our country honors our brave men and women of the military with Veterans Day!  During the course of my husband's career, I have seen the appreciation for the military grow and not just on Veterans Day.  My husband and I can be out shopping or at a restaurant and people will thank him for his service.  So different from years past.  It is so nice and thoughtful and we appreciate it very much.  When I hear people thank my husband, it humbles me and makes me very proud of him at the same time.  I squeeze his hand a little harder and try not to cry.  

Thank you, veterans!  Thank you, my veterans, Daddy, Tony, John, Crystal.  I love you!  Happy Veterans Day!



  1. So well put LaDonna.

  2. Thank you LuLu! John and I love and miss you both! Can't wait to see you two at Christmas!


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