Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did Diana need it????

Well, it is after Christmas.  My family has all gone back to their far away places.  My nephew will be back for a few days then he also goes far far away.  I have done nothing .....I was and still am tired.   It was so wonderful having everyone home this year.  It had been 2 years since my son and his wife had been home and even longer for my nephew to be here to see him. But what did I do yesterday?????  I went to Wal-Mart to get stuff to do laundry and I casually "visited" the fabric department.  The long wall that held their fabric was GONE!!!!  It was reduced to one table!  There had been rumors of a restructuring that was to happen sometime after the first of the year. Well, a sale started the Monday before Christmas!!!   All fabric was 75% off!!  So what did I do???  I loaded up a cart and bought fabric!!  Did I need it?....probably not but I had to have it.  I missed out on a lot that I had been 'watching'  but was still able to get some.  I ended up leaving with 2 huge bags of fabric.  Now I get to find a place to store it until I can get to it to create something special.


  1. Maybe nothing "sewing" got done! How could you with your sewing room filled up with the air mattress, luggage, dog kennels, gifts, etc?! You did so much for everyone, no wonder you're still tired! You deserve to buy some fabric! And a sewing table!

  2. Wow... I hope our WalMart doesn't do that to the fabric section! It seems pretty busy whenever I'm there. I heard there was a petition going around for getting them to keep fabric in stores. I've also heard that the big-wigs have started considering it and have 'talked' about returning fabric sections to some stores! You're a lucky duck to have gotten such a great deal on that fabric!

  3. In response to Em....I did some checking locally as to Wal-Mart closing the fabric department...I had also heard that there was a petition going around. I know that locally there was a lot of disappointment/frustration when we found out that our store was closing the fabric department. I was told that mostly it depended on the "powers" that be in the company. A lot of people have told me that it would not have happened if Sam were still around.


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