Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Generous Friend

My friend and former neighbor gave me this mug:
(And, look, I'm wearing my new Christmas Scottie Dog pajamas!)  I have never seen a mug like this before.  It's called the Handwarmer Mug.  It has a flange handle so your hand is warmed by your coffee or tea or cocoa!  Visit for more info.  I love this mug!  My hands are always cold and this feels so good!

My friend is so generous.  She gave Tony a pig bell for his motorcycle.  (Tony was a hog farmer many years ago and still has a fondness for pigs!)  She even remembered our Scottie dogs and gave them some special treats in the shape of a Scottie dog! 
They were very tasty!  Yes, we tried them.  Chicken and cranberry.  If I'm in the mood for something crunchy and we have no potato chips, watch out, puppies! Visit  And, if that wasn't enough, she gave us some smoked salmon from the Northwest!  She does way too much!

Here's the legend of the motorcycle bell: 

Legend has it that Evil Road Spirits have been latching themselves on to motorcycles for as long as there have been bikes on the road. These Evil Road Spirits are responsible for mechanical problems and bad luck along a journey.

Legend goes on to say that by attaching a small bell onto your bike, the Evil Road Spirits will become trapped inside the bell where the constant ringing drives them insane, making them lose their grip until they fall to the ground. (Ever wonder where potholes come from?)

Legend also has it that the mystery of the Guardian™ Bell carries twice as much power when it is purchased by a friend or loved one and given as a gift.  Visit

Thanks so much, my friend!  I miss you!


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