Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

I'm working on another "commissioned project which can't be shown".  So, no pictures.  Bummer.  But, trust me, it's turning out nicely.  Unfortunately, part of what I did today was unsewing.  Fortunately, I'm an expert at unsewing, or would that be unfortunately?!  Anyway, I'm trying to break the threads, every third or fourth stitch (a technique taught to me years ago by the grandmother of a good friend of cut every third or fourth stitch along the line of mis-stitching and then, from the other side, pull out the intact thread) and I notice that I'm having a hard time.  I mean, I'm having to work at this. Gosh, I think to myself, this thread is really strong.  I continue on for quite a bit, really working at unsewing when it dawns on's not the thread, nitwit, you need a new seam ripper!  Just how long have I been using this same seam ripper?!  I dig out a new one from my drawer and, wow, what a difference!  It really wasn't the thread at all!  Man, do I feel stupid!



  1. oh never mind - we all have blonde moments - just shows you must have been working hard in the past - or maybe it verifies your skill as an unsewer - happy stitching anyway!

  2. Thanks, Cherry Red Quilter! I had to laugh! If you only knew (as my friends and family know) just how often I seem to have those blonde moments!


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