Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Treasure!

My big ol' gruff, rough and tough, soldier husband visits antique shops after work when he is out of town.  Can you imagine the looks on the little old ladies who run the shops when he pops in?! 

Here's how it usually happens:  My husband, in uniform, walks in their quaint shops.  He stops at the door, removes his beret, scans the areas, walks with a purpose to what he spied.  The little old ladies are usually speechless at first.  Then curiosity gets the better of them.  After recovering from her shock, she says, "May I help you?"  When he says, "I'm looking for antique quilts for my wife", their whole demeanor changes.  Now this intimidating soldier has become the most wonderful, big ol' teddy bear of a man!  With a beaming smile on her face, she helps him scour the booths until he finds the perfect one! 

Take a look at what he has bought for me on his last two trips:

You done good, Tony!



  1. Awww, he's a keeper - wrap him in an antique quilt and take care of that one! What a man!!! and love th equilts too!

  2. How wonderful for you and for must be doing something right to keep him doing those kind of things for you. Do you know a lot about antique quilts? I have one that has some damage and not sure what to do with it.


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