Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Plans, what plans?

Just when I think I've got it figured out, I then realize that I don't.

Wow, that's a heavy statement!  As I sit here on the computer instead of at my sewing machine, drinking my swiss mocha coffee, doing laundry, and listening to the silence of the dogs, ...I think how that sentiment applies to so many areas of my life. (Pause, stare off into space, thinking about life!)  But I'm a simple person and what I meant by it was my quilting design!  I know, a big letdown.  However, there is a lesson learned...not to be so rigid.  Be flexible and adjust to the needs around you.  Learn to let go and not get stuck on one (i.e. my) way. And that's a biggie for me in all areas of my life. 

Enough of that...I thought I had the quilting all planned for this quilt.  Drew it out on paper, really liked all the ideas.  Love my circle of feathers!  I had feathers of one type or another planned for the whole quilt.  But once the circles were done I realized feathers all over would be distracting, at least for me.  So in addition to the circles, I'm doing a feather design over the pinwheels but grid lines through the rest.  I'll save that other feather design for another quilt!  My plan right now is feathers and grid lines in the border, but who knows by the time I get there.  

I found the design for the pinwheels block from this book, Machine Freehand Patterns by Nan Moore from the American Quilter's Society.

I like using the Golden Threads paper.  Trace the design, stitch through the paper with no thread.

Follow the dots.  I'm using variagated thread.  One thing I like about this design is that it's a center out design.  That will make sure that pinwheel center stays flat!

The laundry needs changing out, the dogs are barking, and I'm out of coffee so I guess I'm done with this post! 


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