Monday, April 4, 2011

Just A Little Sewing

This afternoon I made a couple of pillowcases to go with the pinwheel quilt.  I figured I had better get them done before the quilting, because by the time I get done quilting, I wouldn't want to work on the fabric anymore!  Since it had been awhile since I made pillowcases, I refreshed my memory with my own instructions at this link here.  These took a little bit longer because of the pieced hem to match the border on the quilt.

I used the backing fabric for the inside of the hem.

Today was also puppy toenail trimming day.  I use a nail grinder and have for their entire lives.  Maggie doesn't fuss and lays there for me to trim her nails.  Fergus on the other hand, say Fergus cries like a little girl is an insult to little girls.  He starts crying before I even touch him!  How he purses his doggie lips into a perfect little circle and cries is amazing.  And for the perfect ending, he goes into a howl, throwing that Scottie head back.  All before I have even touched him!  Once I get started though, he quits crying and licks my hand.  Then when I am completely done and let him outside, he runs around the yard barking like crazy as if he's tattling on me to the whole neighborhood.  He does this every single time!   

Tomorrow I'll start quilting.  My thread came in today so once my morning chores are done, I'll be quilting.  At least that's the plan! 



  1. The pillowcases will look lovely with your quilt. Nice touch.

    Maggie knows we girls always like to have a manicure----the boys think it's torture.

  2. Love the pillow cases - but I so want to see a video of the next doggie grooming day. Neither of my dogs are particularly keen on nail grooming but Maisy just HATES it and HATES anything being done with her feet - usually need David to help me with it!

  3. I haven't ever made a pillowcase. Will have to look for a tutorial. I would like to make one for Linus pillowcases.

  4. Pillow cases are so much fun and yours are wonderful. It is amazing how our fur babies know how to get us in the heart. What a cute

  5. Your pillowcases are lovely. Match the quilt so nicely : )

  6. the pillowcases are gorgeous! love the pattern. fergus sounds like quite a little character. our ivy doesn't usually howl, but once i heard her let out this sweet little howl that was just like music! she was howling because the fire whistle was going off in town. ivy doesn't do it all the time, but you sure know it when she does!


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