Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Sunday Afternoon

My husband is retiring from the Army and his retirement ceremony is next month.  I need a dress.  Not a ball dress (thankfully, those days are over!), but a nice dress.  Do I have a dress that would be appropriate? No, I'm a t-shirt and jeans, yoga pants kind of girl.  I love shoes, but I hate shopping for clothes.  Absolutely hate going to the mall, hate trying on clothes because they hardly ever fit.  Shopping for clothes usually ends up with me nearly in tears and mad.  One size on top, another size on bottom, long arms, long waisted, and flat chested.  And, everything costs so darn much these days!  That takes money out of my quilt budget!

On our errand run today, we had to go to the PX.  Normally, we don't shop at the PX for clothes because it is still too expensive, but we were there so I thought I would look for something I could wear to this ceremony.   I looked and looked, but dresses were hard to find.  Everything I tried on did not fit, except for one skirt and blouse which were in my price range.  I was surprised that they looked nice on me and I already have the perfect dress shoes for them.  I bought the shoes 3 years ago when a local shoe store was going out of business.  (I haven't even worn them yet!)  But, because it's hard to find shoes that fit me too, I bought them just because they fit me and they were super inexpensive with all the closing discounts. 

On my way out of the dressing room, I noticed a beautiful blue dress on the clearance rack that I had missed seeing before.  And it was in my size!  I've never had a dress styled like it before so I just had to try it on and when I did, I loved it!  Except for one thing.  The seam at the shoulder strap on both shoulders was broken and hanging together by just a few threads.  It was discounted 25% but with that damage, I felt like it should have been more.  I asked the supervisor if it could be discounted more because I would have to repair the straps and she said, "Oh, yes, 75% off."  I acted all cool about it but as soon as she turned to walk Tony and me up to the checkout, I was practically dancing in the aisle! 

Good thing I know how to sew!  Just the threads are broken, not a tear in the fabric.  Whip these seams back together and it's good as new!  And, I just happen to have the perfect shade of nail polish and the right shoes for the dress!  I love it when it all comes together (it happens so rarely!) and for only, get this....$12.25!  Yeah!

Tony laughed at me when I told him I was going to post about this, but that's ok!  I know it's a little weird, but hey, that's me!  I'm happy to provide a source of entertainment!

(still giddy with a new dress!)


  1. I must say you do look quite fetching in that dress. As usual you will look better than me. You ought to post a picture of you in it.

  2. Are you kidding!?! Of course you should blog about this! We love to hear stories of winning jackpots! And honey, you hit the big one! That blue dress is stunning! And the flowered top with grey skirt is very chic! And I'm betting the black shoes would look great with the blue dress, as well!

    Congrats on your hubby's retirement! And thank you for his (and your) service. We love our military and everything they do for us!

    Does your hubby have any hobbies, cuz if he doesn't, he should get one right away! He'll go crazy without some kind of project to keep busy on! (My hubby retired after 31 yrs in the Navy....thank God he had his kite making and golf!....or he would have driven me nuts, too!) lol

  3. What a great find, the dreass was meant to be yours. I remember Bud's A.F. retirement ceremony, it is such a special time for both of you. A military wife serves right along with her husband. Be sure to post pictures.

  4. Oh, so jealous! And totally understanding the hating shopping thing. Clothes don't ever fit me right, or the styles available are SO not made for me. Congrats on the wonderful finds :)

  5. Cute dress. You are really a bargain hunter. I know what you mean about shopping for clothes. My husband has to drag me to the store.

  6. LaDonna I love your dress and I love it when I find bargins like that which is rare. Congradulations on your husband's retirement. It will be a wonderful event.

  7. Congratulations on hubby's retirement. And I'm with you about shopping....but you got some great stuff girl!!

  8. I really like the dress...that color is really good for you! Your blue eyes will shine! As far as dancing in the aisle...Staci says " That is SO LuLu"!!!

  9. Glad I found you (from you commenting on my blog)! I'm a follower now and would love it if you'd follow me:)

    Enjoy the retirement ceremony (my husband retired from Army Reserve a few years ago) in your lovely outfit!


  10. Wow! Beautiful dress! You did good girl. Don't you just love bargains like that. Congratulations on the retirement!

  11. Great dress and top and skirt - well done!! I am so with you regarding shopping hate it!!!! and full points to Tony for his lovely comments!!

  12. That's a great story! Your pinwheel quilt and pillowcase are beautiful!!! Thanks for checking out my blog...I will be sure to follow yours:)


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