Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.  Please remember those who have given their lives for our freedoms.

Memorial Day weekend will now be another remembrance for our husband's retirement from the Army.  His retirement ceremony was Thursday.  His parents and our son were able to be here which made it even more special.  It was a beautiful ceremony, a happy, yet bittersweet day.

Eight soldiers and one civilian had their ceremonies together.  Here is a picture of my husband, stepped up from the line, as his biography and list of accomplishments were read.

Standing while his award was read.

Our little family.

Thank you, Tony, for your years of dedicated service to our country! 



  1. YES, THANK your DH for me too! Our Military guys need MANY THANKS!

  2. félicitations je suis très respectueuse de ces instants )))))
    moi aussi mon mari est au service de notre pays et je suis très fière de ces hommes la .......
    bisous de France

  3. Such a special day and one you will all remember. I remember my hubbies ceremony,we were all so proud. A big thank to your husband and to all who have served, past and present, who have kept this nation free.
    P.S. You looked beautiful!

  4. Thank you to Tony, and to you.....military spouses are in it too! How nice to have his parents and son at the ceremony! And you looked wonderful, new dress and all!

  5. Give Tony a big hug from me. My son and daughter in law were/are in the Navy and I know what a big commitment it is. They sacrifice much more than people realize! Thank you!

  6. Please give Tony a BIG, heartfelt, thankful hug from me. May God Bless him for his service. Military spouses ROCK, so tell him to give you a hug from me, also.
    Enjoy his retirement!

  7. Thank you for your service, and all other military families. My husband retired after 27 years and my son was in the Navy for seven.It is a very big commitment. Thank you!

  8. Congratulations to your husband on his fine years of service and also to you and your son for the sacrifices services families make! We don't have a retirement ceremony here in Oz but I think we should. You looked lovely by the way. All the best with the job front!

  9. Thank you and Congratulations to all! What a handsome family!

  10. Congratulations to your husband. Hope the two of you enjoy your new life as civilians.

  11. Thank you , T for your service to our country. Your years of service are greatly appreciated. Best of everything as you and LaDonna begin this next phase of your life. May it be everything that you hope for and more!


  12. Congratulations to your husband, LaDonna! The wife of a retired Army man myself, I know what a special day it is! I am greatful for your husband's and your entire family's service! BTW, beatiful family and you look gorgeous:)

  13. Congratulations! I also am grateful for your husband's service.


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