Friday, June 3, 2011

Batting Stash

Even though I wasn't able to shop my stash for this little quilt, I was able to use some of my leftover batting pieces.  I know most of you already know this, but I thought I would talk about this for those that might not know.  I'm always learning something new, even though I've been quilting for a long time!

I save nearly all my batting pieces that are leftover from a quilt.  You never know when you might need a small piece for a mug rug, a wall hanging, a small bag, or even an ornament.  I had some big pieces leftover from when I had to buy a larger size batting because the shop was out of the size I needed. So to use these leftover pieces, I take my two pieces of batting and lay them side by side.

In order to piece them together, overlap the batting edges just enough to give you room to cut.  Usually just an inch or so will do, depending on how straight the edge is.

Next, cut through the layers with your rotary cutter.  The good part is this doesn't have to be straight!  In fact, a gentle curve is best. 

After you have cut through the layers you will be left with two narrow pieces of batting.  I toss these, but they would make good stuffing for doggie beds. 

Butt the edges of your batting pieces, no overlap, cut edge to cut edge.

Sew with a wide zigzag stitch. Or, there is now a fusible web tape that you can iron on the batting to join the pieces together.

The zigzag stitches won't show and won't be noticeable at all once your quilt is completed.  Only you will know that you pieced the batting!  You shopped your stash!



  1. Thanks, LaDonna. I'm sure there are a lot of quilters out there who don't know you can do this. I do it for a lot for things like wall hangings and charity quilts. After all, our grandmothers would be so proud of us for not wasting!

  2. Thanks for demonstrating that!! I too have saved my multiple pieces of batting "just in case" I have a quilt that size. It would be great to use up some by sewing them together!!


  3. I do the same thing. Your tutorial makes it even easier. Hugs.

  4. too funny! We are both thinking of batting today! Thanks for the tip about cutting them together, I haven't tried that, I just try to line up the straight edges.
    Great idea!

  5. Thanks for doing the tutorial with pictures. I just tried this and love how it works.

  6. LaDonna thank you so much for sharing. I love that tip.

  7. nice demo...I do this too often because I do not want to waste a thing....


  8. Thank you so much. I've heard you could do this, but have never seen it done. Now I can use up all those leftover pieces!!
    Thanks again!

  9. Love this method. Now, how to store all those pieces! My pile is getting out of control. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Good tutorial LaDonna, like your gentle curve idea. I reuse all my scraps also, hate to throw anything away. Have you tried the new bonding tape? I haven't, seems expensive, but maybe Joann's has it and you could use a coupon.

  11. Love this idea LaDonna - One of the reasons I love blogs is the cool ideas other quilters have. Now I know why I am putting away even mt small pieces of batting:)

  12. This is a great idea. I piece my batting all the time. I had to piece some batting this weekend before I read your tutorial and it took a while to make it happen. Next time the process will go quickly :)Thanks.

  13. Thanks for the great pics! I have read about doing this before, but it's so much easier to visualize with photos. It's a good tip, too, because I noticed that Warm and White's price has gone up quite a bit this year.


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