Thursday, August 4, 2011

Farmer's Wife Update

Diana and I are both doing the Farmer's Wife blocks, but very sporadically!  We wanted no pressure, no deadlines, just enjoy the progress, however slowly that might be!  Here's what we've done so for in a combination post.

From Diana: 

What on earth am I doing??

I must be crazy!  When LaDonna and I first started the Farmer's Wife project, we decided to to it with Christmas colors.  She would do reds and I would do burgundies, since we each had more of those colors.  So I thought!   While I was gathering the Christmas greens and reds to send to LaDonna, I discovered that I also had lots of reds and greens in addition to my burgundies and dark greens!  I got to thinking about all of that fabric.  What am I going to do with all of this stuff?  Then it came to me...I have two children and two different color ways.  Duh... make one of each and maybe there won't be any fussing about one child eventually getting "the Christmas Quilt".   That way each of my beloved children will get a Christmas quilt from Mom.

Here's what I've done so far....block one and two for the red version:

Block one in burgandy:

Block two for burgandy, I know it's a bit different, but it is Christmas fabric and it works for the burgandy colors:


LaDonna's block one and two:

I am thoroughly enjoying sewing these blocks on my Featherweight!  We are doing paper piecing on some, rotary cutting and regular sewing on others, anything to avoid hand sewing!  I can understand now why some people say these little blocks are addictive!

It may be a while before we are able to post again.  Life is getting a bit complicated right now, but I hope you'll still check in with us from time to time. 



  1. Diana and LaDonna, all your blocks are so pretty in Christmas fabrics. It is nice to see them in the different colorways. Diana, good idea, don't want to slight a child. Don't worry about blogging LaDonna, we know you are going to be very busy.

  2. Hey Girls :D
    Christmas blocks are looking good! I know what you mean. I have been working on little projects here and there. Also, I'm finding life a bit challenging at the moment, too.

  3. So good to hear from you!! I've missed seeing what you are working on. The blocks are perfect. Such a good idea to make one for each child. I try to do the same thing - but I have four!!! The only "quilt" that I'm making 4 of is 4 different quilts from my Dad's wool shirts. Then each child will have a "Grampy's Shirt Quilt". I've got two tops done, just two to go - not sure what I'm going to make yet.


  4. Keep up the good work. I started making some those blocks and then got frustrated. I still may go back to it later. Love seeing your work.

  5. Dianna, I am so with you on making two versions of the quilt seeing as I have twins - one block at a time, that is all you have to think about.
    LaDonna, Just think, by Christmas the worst of the move and relocation will be behind you. Think about that everytime you stitch a block!
    All the blocks are lovely ladies - happy stitching!

  6. Lovely blocks! I wanted to let you know that you have been awarded the Happy 101 Blog Award! You can check it out here:

  7. Enjoyed seeing y'all's pretty blocks. I hope to start on my own in about a week. I was too cheap to pay full price and ordered from Wally World only to find I won't get it till about next Thursday. Maybe that will give me time to decide on fabrics.

  8. What a great idea to use Christmas prints. And I have to say Diana, you are very ambitious to be doing 2 at once!

  9. I love seeing your blocks. I just got the book and am nervous about piecing such small blocks. I am with you--no hand sewing in this house if possible:)

    Can't wait to see all the blocks.

  10. I've been watching folks doing FW and wondering what I was thinking when I signed up to start doing Dear Jane later this month!!

  11. What great blocks and what a great adventure you and your sister are on.

  12. Great idea. I hope you are having fun. I know I am.

  13. Love it in both colorways! How clever to use up all that xmas fabric in this great project!

  14. Great start, ladies:) I hope that whatever your complications are that they pass soon ~ know that we're thinking about you!


  15. i must not start these blocks i must not start these blocks... they are so cute! maybe after the 36 patch marathon i will join you fine ladies in making them!

  16. I have Christmas fabric but haven't decided on a pattern yet.Don't think the small blocks are for me! I did six quilts for kids a couple of years ago, so they all have at least one. I know life gets busy and complicated sometimes, but we'll be here! Your blocks look great. Can't wait to see them when you are finished.

  17. Love your blocks. I work on mine when I have a few minutes and want a break from other projects. It is much more fun when there is no pressure. Hugs

  18. What a great idea for sisters to do and I love both colorways and ALL the blocks!
    As for checking in from time to you think you could get rid of us THAT easily??!
    Blessings wished for you both.

  19. Your quilt blocks are great. I think that it is wonderful that the both of you are doing the blocks. One of my friends just finished 50 of the blocks.

  20. You are doing great on your blocks. I love the idea of using Christmas fabrics.


  21. All of the blocks are looking good - I really like the idea of using Christmas fabrics. I really love the idea that you are both working on these blocks at the same time!


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