Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Enjoyable Weekend

Diana and I had such a nice time this weekend.  On Friday we had lunch with our mother's "gang" of friends from early childhood and school.  Yes, that's right. Can you believe it! These wonderful ladies all went to school together with our mom and they are still friends and get together for lunch once a month.  That's amazing to me on so many levels!  We'll probably never hear all the stories of their times together but I know they've laughed and cried with each other over the years.  One story told at this lunch was of a scrapbook that our mom had.  She had a napkin from a hamburger diner in the scrapbook and when she showed it to one of her friends, she asked her, "Does this smell burgerly?" in all seriousness.  That line still makes her friends laugh! How precious these ladies are and how I wish I had a group of friends like that!  Now, I know they are probably not going to like that I put their pictures on the blog because some were caught at an awkward moment, but I love the pictures anyway because they are my mother's friends!

After that wonderful lunch, we went to a quilt shop and of course, had fun there!  This shop has several of the huge embroidery machines set up and my dad, being the curious tinker that he is, had to ask how in the world do those things work?!  He was amazed at all the computer diagrams and buttons and threads and couldn't believe it when the woman gave him a cap with an eagle embroidered on it.  He was so pleased.  I tried out a table top long arm machine and loved it!  16 inches of space to quilt in but not the 12 feet of room needed for a frame.  Added that to my wish list!

We continued the fun today and went back to the quilt shop that Dad and I had gone to the other day.  We had more time because Dad stayed home so no pressure.  I found fabric that I had missed the last time and their prices can't be beat.  Maybe Diana and I had a little too much fun!  When Dad and I went the other day, I didn't take my camera but this time I did.  I just have to show you what we saw! 
 This is the front view:
This is the back view:
 A barn further down the road:
Aren't they beautiful! 

And when I saw this, I had to put it on here for Tony because he loves all things Scottish!
Who knew Loch Lomond was in Kentucky?! ;)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello Friends,

It’s now been a month since our mom died. It’s hard to believe; only a month…it feels like much longer. Her funeral was a wonderful testament to her life and love for her Lord. She was loved by so many people. She left such an impact on so many people’s lives. Diana and I want to express our deepest appreciation for all your comments and emails. I have read them over and over, drawing comfort from them each time. Despite our grieving, life goes on, a day, an hour at a time. Priorities have changed. Some days are better than others, which I know is normal.

Diana and I are planning to make a quilt out of our mother’s clothes. We have them sorted by lights, darks, and mediums. We have selected the pattern. I made the backing first because I wanted to be sure I had enough fabric from her clothes before we start cutting them up. That’s as far as we’ve gotten. Diana can only come over on the weekends and Dad keeps me busy the rest of the time. I try to get Dad out of the house as much as possible, even if it’s just going to the doctor. We are doing more of that these days, because he nearly cut his finger off in his workshop working on Christmas projects! Being out of the house doesn’t get much sewing done and it seems like Dad’s projects have become my projects. However, I’m staying away from the wood shop! About the only sewing I’ve done is a little mending, some hexagon blocks (a post for another day!), a pillowcase for a body pillow, and a zippered cover for a foam mattress. I’m hoping to get a little more sewing done; it always makes me feel better to work on my projects.

All the quilt shops around here, and there aren’t that many, are an hour away in each direction. Dad and I went to one the other day. He bought some red heavyweight fabric to cover a book and I bought some Christmas fabric to add to my Farmer’s Wife fabrics. We are planning on going back this weekend so Diana can go too. They had some batik on sale for a great price that would make wonderful backings. And I might buy some more Christmas fabric. Can you tell I’m missing my stash!?

Thank you, my friends, for continuing to check in on our blog and a thank you and welcome to our new followers!

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