Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring 2012

Most of the boxes are emptied, yay!  We've made several trips to the recycle center for all the boxes and have more trips to go.  Still trying to find a home for most things.  (I'm missing walk-in closets!)  Don't even ask about my sewing room!  Disaster!  This past weekend Tony, with me in a supportive role, put in a new door.  I'm planning on painting it blue eventually.

Tony has also cut down several dead bushes and moved others.  We've planted some lithodora with blue flowers along the front beds; can't wait for them to grow and fill out with beautiful color!  The nandinas are growing, so we didn't stunt them with moving them!  A couple of other plants are a little iffy, but I'm hoping they'll survive.  We are having such fun planning out what flowers to put in!  It's been a long time since we've been able to do this!  In fact, it's been over 10 years since Tony's mowed a yard!  Longer for me! ;) 

Some of the blooming going on in our yard:

It's so nice to have green and flowers and rain!  I think I'm lovin' it here!



  1. Congratulations on your new place! It sounds like you are making it through all of the boxes. It's a job, moving, and then unpacking, finding new places for everything. I hope all of your plants make it.

  2. nice you see you are getting settled, and nice to see some signs of spring !! We are going to get hit with another snow storm this weekend !!!

  3. Very pretty. Exciting to have all kinds of beautiful plants blooming in your backyard.

  4. So thankful that you are getting settled!! Always an encouragement to have new growth - in all ways!!


  5. I love new spaces, just not the physical labor involved in getting into them! I even love the remodeling! Have fun with it and make it your own!!
    We'll miss you next week at the Shop Hop!!

  6. love the flowers in your garden LaDonna

  7. Looks like you are settling in well and truly and what? no more regulation haircut for your man? Hee hee

  8. Sounds like you're making good progress, LaDonna. The blooms in your yard are pretty ~ bet you're excited to see what else is going to pop up!


  9. Hi, LaDonna. Enjoyed seeing your garden. Moving is a tough job, but, it's such a good time to weed things out and lighten up--well, except in the sewing room!
    best, nadia


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