Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Aurifil Sweet Aurifil

Dearest Aurifil,

What was I thinking?!   I thought I could find something better, or at least as good, for less.   I doubted that you were the only thread for me.  I was seduced by the sheen and price of another.  What can I say?   I mean, if everyone else was buying it, it's got to be great, right?!  All around me were enthralled; I got caught up in the excitement and turned from you.  Only to be disappointed and frustrated, yes, even angry, at how the other thread treated my sewing machine, my quilt, and me. 

You will be happy to know that I have ripped out the unsightly mess that was left on my quilt and thrown that deceiver away for good.  No more a part of my life. 

I was worried that I might not be able to find you again, you in all your wonderful colors.  Yet, there you were, just waiting for me!  And, to show just how awesome you are, on sale!

I will always have you in my sewing room and you will be a part of all my quilts!

Thank you, Aurifil!

LaDonna ❤ Aurifil forever!


  1. Cute post, I love it too, just wish I could find it on sale. Our local quilt shop marks it up $2.oo higher than most. Needless to say, I don't buy it there.

  2. What's that old saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Glad you have your old reliable back again

  3. HaHa..too funny!! Stay with what you love, I guess!

  4. Is Aurifil a cotton thread or polyester thread? Do you piece and quilt with it? What weight do you use?

  5. I wish I could use Aurifil. My old Singer likes Coats and Clark and maybe Gutterman in a pinch.

  6. Awww so sorry. My grandmother used to always tell me not fix it if it is not broke. So glad you found the thread you love.

  7. I copied from you ( again),sister, and found out that you were right once again.... dang it!!! I discovered that the Aurifil thread likes not only me but my machine as well!!!!

  8. I just got turned on to aurifil thread and I think it might be love at first quilt. I am still on my first spool but am loving every minute of it.

  9. I mostly use Aurifil as well after having some bad experiences with Gutermann thread. It just seemed that the quality deteriorated and maybe they thought that it would not be noticed. I am using up what I have left for piecing but will not purchase that brand anymore.

  10. It sounds like you've found your favorite thread!

  11. LaDonna
    thank you very much for the lovely words about my threads .


  12. I love Aurifil too!


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