Monday, November 26, 2012

Fast and Easy Baby Quilt

Need a baby quilt in a hurry?  Diana and I use the "Super-Sized Nine Patch" as our go-to pattern for fast baby quilts.  The pattern is available in a pdf for easy downloading!  Here's the link:  "Super-Sized Nine Patch".  I love this pattern because it's fast, super adorable with different prints, and best of all, you get three quilts out of it!  With a new 60mm blade in your rotary cutter, you can cut all the fabrics at once, which saves you even more time!  The hardest part of this quilt is deciding which cute prints to use!

I like to quilt these in an overall wavy grid.  The wavy lines add visual interest to a linear design and hide all kinds of wobbles and bobbles! Here's the back showing the quilting:

Here's the front showing the quilting: 

Because I like controlled wavy lines, I use this ruler to mark my lines:
It's actually a ruler for making leaves, but I bought it for marking wavy lines!  Here's the link to the designer's website:  Sue Pelland Designs

Scriptures are a nice finishing touch to a baby quilt!

Once you get started on these baby quilts, you can't stop!  They are addictive!  


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Super Fast Stockings Done!

Just a quick note....

The one hundred stockings from my previous post (click here) turned into 125 stockings because of operator error!  I misread the email.  So much for attention to detail! 

The main thing is they are now done!  FYI, the pinking rotary blade is wonderful!  Fifteen different pink fabrics with the same pink lining/cuff and snowflake bling:

For a little extra gift, I glued ribbon to tea lights:

I am so thankful for the opportunity to make these gifts.  I hope I can make more next year!


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