Monday, November 26, 2012

Fast and Easy Baby Quilt

Need a baby quilt in a hurry?  Diana and I use the "Super-Sized Nine Patch" as our go-to pattern for fast baby quilts.  The pattern is available in a pdf for easy downloading!  Here's the link:  "Super-Sized Nine Patch".  I love this pattern because it's fast, super adorable with different prints, and best of all, you get three quilts out of it!  With a new 60mm blade in your rotary cutter, you can cut all the fabrics at once, which saves you even more time!  The hardest part of this quilt is deciding which cute prints to use!

I like to quilt these in an overall wavy grid.  The wavy lines add visual interest to a linear design and hide all kinds of wobbles and bobbles! Here's the back showing the quilting:

Here's the front showing the quilting: 

Because I like controlled wavy lines, I use this ruler to mark my lines:
It's actually a ruler for making leaves, but I bought it for marking wavy lines!  Here's the link to the designer's website:  Sue Pelland Designs

Scriptures are a nice finishing touch to a baby quilt!

Once you get started on these baby quilts, you can't stop!  They are addictive!  



  1. Super, super cute quilts!! I've used the pattern before and it is fun!! I love the wavy grid!! What a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Those quilts are so cute - I LOVE the wavy ruler - I've never seen one like that before.

  3. Sweet baby quilts! I love those little lady bugs on the daisies!

  4. So sweet! I've often thought about making baby quilts as gifts but am always intimidated ~ your post has changed my mind! Thanks for sharing:)


  5. Super sweet baby quilt! And the idea to use the wavy ruler for your quilting lines is great!

  6. Thanks for the ideas. I need to make a baby quilt in the near future. I love your quilting idea. I've done it on a smaller scale. Now I need to try it on a biger quilt. Hugs

  7. I love the scripture ideas. I'm definitely going to make a few of these to have ready to go. I'll have to find that ruler: although it's a good idea for wavy lines, I make lots of leaves for applique. Happy 2013!

  8. Been away from blogging for awhile and i see from your posts I've been missing alot and need to get back to it! We've been doing these quilts in the class i teach at church. Gonna borrow your scripture idea. The wavy lines quilting is awesome. We did a few with fleece backing and no batting. Turned out quite well.


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