Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sanding Not Sewing

Not much sewing going on around here!  Though I did start a new project...sanding the wood trim in the house in preparation for painting.  I plan to paint the baseboard white and have the quarter round match the floors that my husband did such a good job on last year!  No clue yet on what color will go on the walls.  All those years moving around in the military, dreaming of our forever home, and now that we have it, I can't decide what colors to use! 

Everything in the living room moved to the center, covered up.  You can see the sanding dust along the floor.

Cleaning blinds is not something I enjoy doing... really, who does?!  Covered them up until the time comes to do the window trim.  

Action shot.  My goodness, look at my hair.  That's gotta be sanding dust making it look gray.  Yeah, that's it.

See my new knee pads?  Love them!  Makes the job so much easier!

For such a small house, there sure is a lot of trim!  We have so many plans for the house.  I can't wait to get it all done!  But just like in quilting, I'm trying to enjoy the process!



  1. Have fun..it will be worth it when you finish !

  2. Lots of work but it is going to be so beautiful when done. Smart you to cover the blinds. I know what you mean, I have lived with neutral colored walls for so long, it frightens me to use color on them.

  3. I will be beautiful when you're done! I remember those sanding days from when we redid our house 25 years ago. the sheetrock dust just flies everywhere!

  4. I look forward to seeing your progress in the house. Hugs

  5. That looks like a lot of work.

  6. Oh goodness, I'd never even consider doing all that work. I'm only a quilt DIY'er. I'm afraid of choosing color for decorating. I say I don't know what I like, but really it's just that there so many options. Can't wait to see the end results!

  7. I'm waaay overdue for a dye job; may have to start some sanding as an excuse;)

    So happy to hear you're dream is coming true. All your sweat equity is going to pay off beautifully!

  8. Looks like great fun. I'm with you...enjoy the process!


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