Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello last!!!

Awww!  Thank you, LaDonna!  You are amazing yourself!   The things that you can take "stuff" and turn it into such gorgeous things from your  ideas!  I don't have access to those type of things but even if I did, I don't think I could turn out such beautiful rooms, furniture, and accessories.

Now backing up to my last post.  I did get my mother-in-law's quilt completed and presented to her at the family reunion last week.  She acted like she couldn't believe that I had done it for her.  She kept saying how pretty it was.  The quilt was difficult to complete because other things kept getting in front of it and then I found it hard to go back  but I can now move on to what's next.

The quilt kept getting put aside because the school year ended, people got married and others were having babies!!!   Two very important people in our lives this past year were my granddaughter's teacher and her aide.  I made her teacher an initial wall hanging for her house.  I made the aide/ assistant an initial wall hanging in honor of his wedding.

I continued to make initial wall hangings for family and friends that either got married or added to their family.


I am now trying to finish up two more wall hangings for twin boys. Then I will be able to hopefully focus on other projects.  My daughter even said while I was making her grandmother's quilt...."Mom,she already has one from you.  I don't."  Sounds like a big hint to me that I'd better be thinking and doing more in that direction! And we won't even talk about the sigh and look I got from my husband!

However, first I have to get through the next couple of weeks and find homes for our "unexpected blessings".  Yes, we had a stray cat show up in our backyard.  (She is beautiful by the way.)  After waiting  the required number of days to locate her owner, I took her to the vet to get  checked out, shots, and spayed.  Well, she got checked out at any rate.  The vet told me that she was basically a kitten having kittens. She was 5 weeks pregnant so no shots no surgeries.  She blessed us with 6....... yes, 6 kittens! None of them look like her but they are cuties! I have to keep saying the mantra......we cannot keep them all...we cannot keep them all! I cannot have 6 kittens and two grown cats in my house. I'll be lucky to convince my husband that we "need"  two...well maybe three!

So as LaDonna said, with grands, daughter, husband, house, garden, dad, and kittens it may be a bit before I can get back to say hello to everyone who has not given up on us and our blog.  Until then, anyone want a kitten to help in your sewing room????


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  1. Love this quilt! What a great job! I recognize those fabrics! I'm so glad you are back home from the reunion so we can talk every day again!


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