Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here we go again!!!!!

On Monday the forecasters predicted one to three inches of snow.  Here is what we got.....

So yesterday I did a little activity to see if my machines were still calibrated and working correctly before I get started on some projects.  I ended up making "sleeping bags" for my granddaughter's doll family that is supposed to live in her dollhouse.  However...when she saw them, she ran off, got her Elmo and Abbey doll and told me they they needed a bed too.  So what did Mimi do????  I made her two more.

So today I was going to get started on one of my projects.  WRONG!!!  More snow is falling and falling enough so schools are dismissed.  The Elementary girls I keep after school are here there goes my scheduled hoped for plans...once again.  Tomorrow is another day.


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