Friday, February 11, 2011

My four legged child

LaDonna has told you about her puppies and she kept telling me to say something about my four legged child.  My sister has always had a wonderful way with dogs.  Her dogs always turn out better behaved than some of the students that I had had over the years.  This is one ways that LaDonna and I are different.  I love dogs....but cats are my creatures!  I have always had a cat...or two...or three.  I am down to one now.  My husband says that when this one passes on we won't have any more "critters".  He knows better.  Anyway one summer when my husband and I were walking down an outer road, I kept hearing a cat crying.  Bob, my husband told me to keep walking  ( we already had two cats in the house). I kept hearing it but couldn't find it.  Finally this thin stripped cat came out of the soybean field (yes I live in the country outside of a map dot) and started following us up and down the road.  Long story short, the cat came home with us.  She immediately claimed the area hers by scaring away one neighbors much bigger cat and the other neighbors black lab.  I had a difficult time trying to come up with a name for her but lo and behold Bob came up with it.  She had a terrible habit of  "waltzing" between your feet as you were trying to walk.  So Bob named her "Matilda".  I asked him why and he said "You know the song "Waltzing Matilda"  and so she was named.  The other two cats have now passed away but Matilda is going strong.  She is wonderful with the grandchildren even when she is sat on, her tail pulled,  brushed with the doll brush, and bowls put on top of her head.  She is a wonderful loving lap warmer. Here she is......


  1. Matilda is a beauty! Isn't it amazing how much cats will take from kids, but not from adults. Our cat would instantly swipe at anyone messing with her, but the moment a little kid got a hold of her she put up with everything, including being held like a baby (which she hated!), being placed in baby carriages, under blankets, etc.....she never fussed when it came to the little ones! Amazing!

  2. I see Matilda is also a quilter!

  3. Wonderful story! I am glad that Matilda found a loving home, and a cozy scrap basket to curl up in.


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