Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Imp!!! Scamp!!!!

My grandson!!!!  Here I have been trying to get the morning chores out of the way so I might possibly get into my sewing room and what do I find?????   I have tried to finish up the laundry...I folded, put in the basket and taken the basket to my daughter's room. My grandson was once again faster than I !!!  I go back to the bedroom ( it got quiet...can you imagine) and found the basket knocked off the desk, some of the clothes dumped on the floor, and hangers taken off some of the tops!!  And what does he do????  He grins at me as I chase him out....again!!!  I told you it was a circus at my house!!!!


  1. Those kids NEVER change do they? Remember your being KEPT YOUNG!

  2. This really made me laugh--------kids will be kids!

  3. Ha Ha ! Good workout for you for the morning!!
    I am babysitting on Friday morning, so may have stories to tell too LOL

  4. If my grandkids get into a fraction of the trouble that my sons did - I AM NOT BABYSITTING ALONE!!!!

  5. So, the wee haggis is getting into things. Imagine that. At least it keeps things from getting boring.



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