Monday, March 7, 2011

More on the Design Wall

Today I completed 9 more blocks.  Essential to the block is the squaring up of the flying geese.  Those flying geese can be quite stubborn!  The pattern called for a specific ruler by the designer which I didn't have.  I used what I did have in my vast collection of rulers, the Quilt in a Day from Eleanor Burns flying geese ruler.

Notice the dots?  It was slipping a bit so I put these dots on the ruler to help grip the fabric.

Squaring up the flying geese units makes the whole block sew much easier!

The flying geese go from the unit on the left to, after squaring, the unit on the right.

Here's what's new on my design wall now:  9 more blocks!  Blocks 10 through 12 are in partial assembly, but I'm stopping for this evening to spend some time with my husband.  Poor baby, he told me today he has to time his goodbye to me at lunchtime between the whirrs of my sewing machine! 



  1. The right ruler makes the quilters job so much easier. I forgot that I have a Quilt in a Day flying geese ruler. Would make things a lot easier if we could remember what we have. Love your blocks.

  2. I like the new blocks - love th stronger contrast! Poor husband, At least he wants to spend time with you - we need to worry when they dont!

  3. I love the idea of the fabric grips. I may have to look into getting the ruler as well. Like how your flying geese are coming out and your quilt blocks are wonderful. Can not wait to see more.

  4. Those little fabric dots look like a great idea! And all those triangles look scary! LOL!!

  5. These blocks are beautiful! And very precise! Don't you just love being able to use the stuff you already have, instead of always having to buy more things! There are just so many gadgets out there; do we really need one more ruler! lol

    Love the sticky dots.....I need to get those, cuz mine slide a lot....I think I tend to push with my cutter, too, so the end of the cut sometimes veers off! Eeek! I'll try the dots and see what happens! Thanks!

  6. Lovely Blocks - and quite a design. I too have those dots - they are a great help.

  7. No wonder I haven't been able to get with you on the computer!!! You have been a very busy girl!!! Everything looks great!!!!Come up for air occassionally...and a cup of coffee!!!


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