Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Revisiting Figgy Pudding

First of all, Diana and family are back home!  Everything is fine at their house, except no internet yet.  So though we can't Skype, the phone is working fine!

A couple of years ago, I made this sample for the shop:

(It's a bit wrinkly from being folded.) It is from the Basic Grey fabric line called Figgy Pudding. The pattern is a Moda pattern designed for the fabric. The Christmas trees are made using a folded technique which makes them 3 dimensional.

After cutting out all the blocks, a lot of scraps were left over. So I turned my scraps into a pieced back.

Around the trees, I quilted using one of the decorative stitches on my sewing machine that looks like a snowflake. I freemotioned continuous line snowflakes to fill the spaces between the trees and on the border. I stitched in the ditch for the Courthouse Blocks. The thread is a Sulky embroidery thread.

The dimensional Christmas tree is a fun technique to do, but it wastes a lot of fabric. I challenged myself to do something with the leftovers from the trees without cutting up the pieces. This is what I came up with. The binding is also from all the scraps from the quilt.

So why am I showing this to you now?  I have been commissioned to make the Figgy Pudding quilt.  She bought the kit a couple of years ago and started cutting it out, but due to life getting in the way (we can all relate to that!), she put it back in her sewing room.  She hasn't been able to get back to it and now the time for it to be done has come.  She's an excellent quilter, but has too much going on in her life right now to get it done in time for their family reunion on June 11th.  She had promised it for one of the raffle items.  I can't let her disappoint her family!  She had a few pieces cut out and labeled and Friday I cut out and labeled all the rest.

Saturday afternoon after we got back from the flea market, I made the courthouse blocks.

Sunday and Monday I made the little trees and trunks.

Also on Monday, I made the big trees and trunks and sewed the blocks together.

Today I sewed the blocks into their vertical rows and added the borders.  Since I've done it before, it went really fast.  It's done!

I don't have to piece the back for her quilt, so that will save some time.   The thread I ordered for quilting (Aurifil!) arrived yesterday.  (I'm loving having the thread chart! Perfect match!)  I'm just waiting on the fabric for the backing.  It took a bit to find enough fabric, the line is a couple of years old now, but she found it!  She's ordered it, should be here soon.  Then the quilting will begin!



  1. What a wonderful quilt!

  2. I love the pieced back. You work so quickly, I am jealous! Glad to hear everyone is home.

  3. Cute quilt, LaDonna. Sounds like you put it together pretty quickly.
    Glad you are back home, Diana.

  4. I really liked this line of fabric when it came out. I need to make a Christmas quilt soon (not because it will be here before I know it but because I have been wanting to make one for a few years now). I really love your scrappy star quilt!

  5. So wonderful to hear that Diana and family are home safe and sound!
    The quilt is fabulous! The courthouse blocks look 3D when they are lined up together.
    Love the quilt you made with the leftovers!
    Talented lady!

  6. So happy to hear Diana's back home and she's safe! Hope you have a great day:)

  7. Beautiful quilt. Love how you pieced the back! So glad your sister is home safe and sound. Praise God!

  8. Your quilt looks so good I can see why you were commissioned to make another. Boy, do you ever work quickly - that quilt top came together in no time. Good to hear Diana and family are home safe.

  9. Good news about Diana. Glad to hear she is back home. Love your quilt. It is beautiful. Hugs.

  10. Very nice quilt. Excellent job. I am glad to hear your sister did not have water in her house. That is great news.

  11. 3-D trees sound intriguing. I looked on the Moda Bake Shop site and there isn't a pattern for this. Was it a for purchase pattern? I'm really curious now about how those trees are done!

  12. Thanks, everyone! Here's the link for the free pattern:



  13. your really moving on with this quilt does the second time have anything to do with it?

  14. I am so glad Diana is back home. Love your quilt and how you did the trees. You are so clever what a wonderful back love the stars.

  15. You have been working so hard. I am pleased also to read in an earlier post that all is well with Diana....


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