Thursday, July 5, 2012

So Now What?

I hope that everyone had a good Fourth of July.   We stayed at home trying to stay as cool as possible.  My husband was off from work so he grilled out and then we relaxed...well the adults tried but the grand kids just kept going and going and going! We did not set off our usual fireworks due to the fact that we have wheat straw with beans trying to grow all around our house and it is way too dry.  However we do live close enough to town that we can see from our backyard the fireworks display on the river, plus some of the other neighbors were braver that us.

This past weekend, I had made plans to do some serious quilting on Monday.  Well...duh.....didn't happen.  I went out to my garden bright and early on that morning and was doing my usual checking and watering. Something made me look at the corn a bit more closely.  Well, I was surprised! It was ready! I ending up picking over 30 ears from my three little rows of corn. So needless to say, quilting was put off until yesterday morning. But the corn is in the freezer and the fridge. And it is delicious!

Now on to my dilemma.  Several years ago a friend found out I was trying to get back into quilting.  She asked if I would like to have her mother's suitcase that was packed with quilting "stuff" since she did not do "that sort of thing".  Did I jump at the chance? bet!  LaDonna was visiting with me at the time and you should have seen the fun we had going through everything!  Shelia's mom had magazines, quilt blocks(completed, partially completed and several were just cut out and  labeled in zip lock bags) plus several stamped embroidery blocks. I gave LaDonna some of the treasure cove because I knew that there was no way I would EVER get it all done. I ended up with one set of embroidery blocks that were stamped with roses.  I have been working on them off and on for....let's just say a long time.  There are 5 large blocks (18inches!) and they are finally completed but now what?  How do I make them into a quilt? How do I arrange the blocks? What do I do with the spaces between the blocks? What block pattern or patterns do I use? I am at a stand still with this future quilt.

I have this  fabric that I had thought to use.  It is hard to tell, but the colors actually do coordinate with the colors in the rose blocks. I had planned to use the black with roses for the backing and maybe accents within the block pattern or patterns on the front. I honestly do not know.!  Anybody got any thoughts and/or suggestions?  I would certainly appreciate any ideas from my friends out in the blog world! 



  1. I guess one in the middle and the other four in the corners?

  2. Gosh, how lucky to receive all toes goodies. I love restoring/completing stuff like that. Five blocks hmmmm a challenge. I think on point, 2 at each end and one centered in the middle. Means lots of setting triangles but looks great.

  3. That rose embroidered block is lovely! These will make a beautiful quilt! And I think I have that same backing funny! I think whatever you do for alternate blocks should maybe be fairly simple, so it doesn't detract from the beautiful embroidery.

  4. i'm thinking the embroidered blocks in a pattern like on a dice for the number five. then the alternating blocks could have small strips, maybe 1" finished in them, maybe in strip sets of 6 strips creating a block that would finish 6" by 6" and then alternate directions of 9 of these blocks within the larger block. does that make sense? lol


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