Thursday, July 19, 2012

Work and Play

For the last week and a half, I've been working out in the yard.  Since it's hot (duh, it's summer!), I work in the mornings up to about lunchtime.  Walk the dogs first, of course, and then they cool off in  the shade and watch me work.   Our new-to-us yard needs a lot of work and we have big plans for fall:  repairing the shed, moving plants, setting up the garden spot for next year, and planting fruit trees.  Fall will be here before we know it and I wanted to get a jump on things so we don't have to do it all in a hurry.

I made a list. It's not all-inclusive.  For instance,  I didn't put on there "mow the yard".  That's a given, though I probably should have put it on the list so I could mark it off every time I did it!

I sweated...a lot!  I sweated through my bandana, hat, and leather gloves!  I got blisters even through my gloves.  I wore out gloves.  You know those endorphins that runners get?  I think I got those too!  It felt good clearing gravel, digging up concrete blocks, electrical lines, massive weeds, and plants!  It was great seeing the difference.  But then, of course, the downside is I was wiped out for the afternoon.  And, even worse, my arms were just too tired to do any quilting.  I tried it and my quilting was just way too wobbly!  Lesson learned there!

Our crepe myrtle finally bloomed!  It even has more flowers now. It's needs some pruning.  That will be Tony's job in the fall.

But it's not all work and no play!  I won a trip for two from our local radio station for a winery tour along the Eastern Shore!  I couldn't believe it!  We had a wonderful time and learned so much about wine making!  The main thing is it's a lot of hard work!

We traveled in style on a double-decker bus!  Very nice!

One of the grape fields:

Tony and I with one of the vintners:

On another evening, we also went to a big band concert at the beach!  It was really enjoyable!  I wanted to get up there and dance, even though I'm a terrible dancer, but Tony had on his motorcycle boots and was worried about my feet.  Since he also is a terrible dancer, that is a valid concern!  I think we need to take dancing lessons.  And guess what, they have them through the parks and rec department!  Hopefully, the next class offering we can sign up.  After seeing the way the people dance, we definitely need lessons!  These people can dance!  You should have seen some of their moves!

Tonight is our monthly community meeting.  It's always a good time!  We don't normally have a meal there, but tonight is the indoor picnic night.  Indoors because it's hot outside!  I'm taking a cucumber salad.  Light and refreshing!

The recipe is from a Taste of Home magazine, years ago.  Super fast and easy!

Kansas Cucumber Salad

1 cup mayonnaise or salad dressing
1/4 cup sugar
4 teaspoons vinegar
1/2 teaspoon dill weed
1/2 teaspoon salt, optional
4 medium cucumber, peeled and thinly sliced
3 green onions, chopped (I thinly sliced mine)

In a large bowl, combine mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar, dill, and salt.  Mix well.  Add cucumbers and onions; toss.  Cover and chill for at least 1 hour.

Now that I'm done with what I can do outside for now, I'm hoping to get back to my quilting.  Too bad there's also an inside the house list! 




  1. you're really working your way through your yard list LaDonna

  2. You've been a busy girl for sure! What a fun trip to the winery! My hubby and I want to take dance lessons too. Maybe one of these days we'll stop talking about it and actually do it :)

  3. You deserve a break! Havea great time've worked hard! The salad looks yummy and I always like wine tours...or is it just the wine I like? Hmmm...

  4. I know how that is, you get started outside and you can't stop but don't overdo in the hot sun. The community functions sound like a lot of fun.

  5. Busy lady!! Thank you for sharing the recipe - I've been craving cucumber salad but have never made it. This looks like it'll be the way I remember my mother's.

  6. It sounds good. I just cut up cucumber & onion, add a little salt and about 1/4 cup sugar (except now I use Splenda)to a mixture of 1/2 vinegar & 1/2 water to cover. I keep it in the refrigerator and add to it now and then, and we eat the cucumbers every night I cook at home. That's how my moma did it, of course. We raise the cucumbers in our garden, and I always cut a little snip out of each end to make sure the cucumber isn't bitter before adding to the others. This is probably more information than anyone wants to know. I got carried away!

    1. That's the way my mother did it too. No surprise there! And she used regular onions, not green onions. It is so good!

  7. What a great post. Sounds like post-military life is agreeing with you. I am do glad. Love the thought of the dancing lessons- what a lot of fun! I used to love dancing before my knees gave up. Enjoy!

  8. Sounds like all your hard work will pay off. It was so nice that you won the trip to the Vineyard.

    Thanks so much for the recipe. I love cucumber salad. I will have to make it now.


  9. WOW! You have way more energy than I could muster! Kudos for your ambition and hard work. Before you realize it, you'll be finished with the list and can get back to your quilting. Of course, you'll need recover first.

  10. There is ALWAYS a list! And there seems to be lists inside of lists at times!


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