Monday, January 9, 2017

Receiving Blankets and Burp Cloths

We are almost grandparents for the first time!  We are so excited and looking forward to having a granddaughter!  Seeing her in the ultrasound pictures makes me tear up.   It's such amazing technology that we didn't experience with our baby.  Seeing her already chubby cheeks and hands and feet...oh, I'm so in love!

Is there such a thing as making too many things for a new baby?  I may have crossed that line, but I couldn't help myself!  Getting carried away is fun!  I won't put everything in one post because, well, it's too much.  But I do want to share and link to some of the wonderful ideas that are out there in the internet world.

First up, receiving blankets.  My husband and I went to Jo-Ann's and had a lot of fun in the flannel section.  We were pairing up fabrics that we liked and next thing I knew my buggy was full!  We looked at each other and said, "We can't get all this!"  I think we put fabric for two blankets back on the shelf which still left fabric for seven blankets.  We were standing there in the aisle trying to decide what else to put back when my husband said, "Just get them all.  She'll use them."  So we did.  :)  He's so good!

In all my years of sewing, making a receiving blanket was a new thing for me.  Google is my friend, however.  I found this tutorial and used it for all the receiving blankets.

After making the blankets, I made matching burp cloths using this pattern and tutorial which uses fat quarters. One change I did was to make it wider by three inches to provide a little more coverage.  Of course, that new width wouldn't fit on a fat quarter but I had more fabric than that. 

While we were  at Hancock's of Paducah I also found fabric for cloth baby books.  Adorable!  So we bought enough for two books each for our grand-baby and niece's baby.

Come back again soon because there's more baby stuff to come!


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