Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week

Things this week didn't go quite as planned.  After being under the weather a couple of days, I then had to play catch up a bit.  First thing was tending to the Scotties' nails and hair which had gone untouched over the Christmas break.  What a job.  Now that they are 3 years old, I can do their nails by myself instead of having to use my husband's muscle!  But it is still a workout!  And then their hair...oh my, it was so dreadlocked!  Only a couple of very small mats, but their skirt had become so tangled that it took a very long time to comb it all out.  They look so nice when their hair is combed and then they go running outside!  Which reminds me,...I walk these dogs 3 miles 5 to 6 days a week.  How on earth do they still have the energy to play chase up and down the stairs or out in the yard as soon as we get home from our walk?! 

Even though it is after Christmas, I still like to watch Christmas movies.  I bought the Hallmark movie The Christmas Card this year and I love it!  I have seen it on tv several times, but would miss either the very beginning or the very end.  It is such a sweet movie and with a military hero, so how could I not love it?!

The commissioned quilt that I am working on (can't show pics yet) is now ready for the borders.  The blocks are all sewn together and my points look good, even if I say so myself!  Unfortunately, I sewed one side of the border last night and hated it.  What I thought looked good when I bought the fabrics looked horrible when it was actually on the quilt.  I hate when that happens! I unsewed that fabric and pulled another fabric. It looked pretty good to Tony and me (he has a great eye for color!) so I pinned it up on the design wall and let it stew overnight.  Still looks good this morning so I think it's a keeper.  It has the right tone and intensity that the other fabric lacked.  It's a good balance to the overall quilt.  I'm still thinking about how I'm going to quilt this one.  I thought I had it all figured out, but now I'm not so sure.  I need to go through my quilt designs books and see what I can find.  I am looking forward to quilting this quilt because I get to try out my new table which allows my sewing machine to sit flush with the surface.  Yeah! No more getting hung up on the corners! 

I hope you have a productive day!


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