Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A First for Me!

Today was my first day riding with my husband on his motorcycle!  He has been riding for almost a year now and when we bought the bike, I told him I wouldn't ride with him until he had a year's experience.  Not thinking how fast a year goes by!  Yikes!  We went to the motorcycle dealer yesterday and bought a helmet and gloves for me.  This morning, before it got too hot, he took me for a ride around post.  It is so weird not being buckled on the road!  We rode around for maybe an hour and I can tell already, I need more padding on my rear!  But it was fun!  Once I got over the initial nerves, it was very enjoyable. 

Here we are just before heading out.  And look, Tony has his "retirement facial hair"!  (That sure didn't take long!)

We just rode around post so our speed didn't get up as fast as it will outside.  He has to get used to me on the back; braking and curves handle a little differently with extra weight.  He said it was no problem though.  I see more rides in my future!

I finished the polka dot quilt, finally.  Geez, it only took twice as long on my old Bernette!  But it is done and I'm pleased with it.  Just have to make the label.

I used a Pringles lid for marking the smaller circles and a coffee cup for the larger ones.  I love circles!

My favorite sewing machine is still in the shop, but the diagnosis has been made.  Hopefully, the part will be in this week.  Is it wrong to have such an attachment to a sewing machine?!!  I can't wait to get it back!



  1. I think I would miss my sewing machine, too!
    I've never ridden on a motorcycle and not sure I want to. You look ready to go in the photo!
    I love polka dots, but have never machine quilted circles. Yours look so neat.

  2. Haha!! Know what you mean about being attached. Mine have names, even: Sapphira and Sally. I love each one for different tasks and greatly miss the one that's gone if it's in shop for servicing.

  3. LaDonna, you are one brave chickie! I just read an article about how so many retirees are now purchasing motorcycles. Just be extra careful on the open road, asphalt looks pretty rough and hard! You two look like such a cute couple!
    P.S. Love the quilts!

  4. Wooooo Hoooo! Look at you!! Motorcycle Mama!
    The facial hair looks good on Tony. You are a cute couple. :o)
    Love those circles and dots!! Nice job.

  5. you are very brave!!! and I love the quilt.

  6. Just look at you!! You have a grin on your face (and I can't even see any bugs in your teeth!). I'm glad you had such a good time with your husband.
    The quilt is looking really good! I also love circles.

  7. What a good looking couple, the two of you! Chuckled at your comment about hubby's retirement facial hair:) You're MUCH braver than me. I rode once with my husband, but in a corn field (refused to let him take me on a real road!) and screamed my head off; 20 years later he still has some loss of hearing!
    Stay safe on that sucker!

  8. WooHoo! Biker Chickee Babe! Just make sure you go buy some leathers - I recently saw what happens to your knees and other protruding bits if you fall off - yuck! Me.....I am a big wimp! There is no way i would be going out on a bike - loved it in my younger years though!!!!

  9. Way to go, girl! I'm so proud of you. You two are a cute couple.
    When I ride, I wear a full faced helmet, motorcycle boots, gloves and coat with protective padding when I ride. I have a heavy coat and gloves for winter and a mesh coat and light gloves for summer :)

  10. Looks like you where having fun. I am to chicken for that I love having my legs and arms.
    Your quilt turned out so cute. Love the dots.

  11. No there is nothing wrong with a close relationship with your sewing machine. I think we spend more time with our machines than with our spouses. lol

  12. Your machine quilting is very good----I am still in the grid quilting mode. Next we will be hearing that LaDonna has bought her own motorcycle----do you think?

  13. The quilt looks all the circles! Enjoy that motorcycle.....I miss the good times my hubby and I had on his when we were dating (30 years ago!) We went everywhere on it for about 8 months, then winter came, and we had to put it away. The second the roads were clear again, we had it out! I miss it! And it's funny.....I do ALL the driving now, cuz my hubbies driving really scares me.....but he never scared me on the motorcycle....weird, huh? Maybe we should get another!?! lol

  14. YOU look like you are having FUN! Way to go gal! Like your quilt-nice.

  15. What a cute picture of both you and hubby. I don't know about too much extra weight though - you look pretty thin to me! Your little quilt looks cute too!

  16. Those circles are wonderful!! I love this quilt. Thanks for visiting my blog, too! :)

  17. You go girl! I used to love bike riding many moons ago, pillion with an old boyfriend - but with two teens just getting their driving licences I am more trepiditious at the moment!

    Spotty quilt looks great!

    Cheers from Australia

  18. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself on the bike! With the sun shining and the wind in your face, it's hard to beat.

    I like your polka dot quilt-the colors are great and the quilting fits the quilt.

  19. Great idea about the pringles lid and coffee cup for the circles. Will have to remember that one

  20. You both look so young!
    Love your polka dot quilt-my colors!


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